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Buying and viewing our e-Books  is simple, and a fraction of the price of a paperback. Never bought on PDF or e-Book before?  It’s SO easy - here’s how it works:

1) Choose and purchase your books from this website in the normal way.

2) You will receive an auto-generated email immediately with a link and password to access your book file. ( If it does not arrive right away, please check your Spam folder) Click on the link, input your email and password and then.....


Click to download. When your  book shows on your screen, just tap on the top right of the page and choose ‘ Open in iBooks’. Your book  is now saved in the iBooks library on the iPad and can be opened whenever you need it.

Here’s a simple video -


Simply download and save to the folder of your choice on your PC.

Kindle Fire

Transferring Your Files by Email:

You can email PDF’s or e-Book files to your Kindle Fire as attachments – they will be saved in the  Documents section of your Kindle. To set this up, log into and then go to Your Account: Manage Your Kindle: Personal Document Settings.

You'll need to set up the authorized email account and address. Generally it will be something like "" Simple email the PDF to this Kindle email address, and click, open and save on your kindle.

Transferring Your Files by USB:

If you use a micro-usb cable and connect it to your computer, you can transfer files to and from your Kindle just like it was an external hard drive. Place your PDF’s  in the Documents folder. Once you've added your files, you may need to restart the Kindle to get it to recognize your new books.


If you have issues downloading your books, please double check that you are inputting the correct email address....this will be the one linked to your PAYMENT/ Paypal account that you paid with, which may be different to your everyday email address.Try also typing in the password instead of cutting and pasting it. Any issues at all, please contact us on and we will email your PDF’s right away!



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